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OmMuse is an amalgamation of the Sanskrit word “Om” meaning the cosmic sound and the word “muse” meaning any form of artistic inspiration. Our platform provides a unique forum for the collaborative creation of music. Artists of various skill sets (including but not limited to lyricists, vocalists, instrumentalists, and producers) will work together to produce music collectively in an open environment.

The immediate purpose of this platform is to provide a setting for cultivating originality and collaboration among otherwise isolated talents. Individuals within all aspects of record development will be able to achieve recognition. Users will be able to form, enhance, and discover developing and fully completed works of music. As a result, users will be able to appreciate and collaborate on all of the aforementioned aspects of record development. As creative talents actively work together, fans will be able to appreciate talent and even offer real-time feedback.

Furthermore, artists will be empowered to create freely outside the confines of record labels. Novel art and talent will be valuable resources that will be displayed in an open marketplace where varied artists may receive compensation on their own terms for their works. This application will also serve as a public ledger to ensure creatives receive appropriate acknowledgement for their contributions and to ensure that no work is misappropriated. We hope to create a neoteric, equitable, and relatively offbeat (pun intended) path for the music industry to directly reward talent.

Ultimately, we want to we want to provide a forum where any and all fans of music or the arts can freely engage in the appreciation and creation of original music.


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